Homemade ‘Ginger Bug’ Strawberry Soda

So I have to begin this post, by admitting that I do not ever give myself enough credit for my foodie experiments and successes. So that saying, with or without the great hd pictures or sound bytes to prove it, I am going to give myself credit for making a bottle of homemade soda the other day.

My husband cant let it get past me when I do have a success, and this one was pretty darn cool, so of course I have to blog about it.

I did make a bottle of Homemade Soda.

With bubbles. The bubbles actually got thicker the longer we let it sit in the bottle.

No buying of carbonation tabs, which I could have bought. Here;


No buying fizzy tabs; which honestly are the coolest thing I have found in a long time, link here;


No, I fermented organic ginger.

I Bottled up some grated ginger root that I found at the food bank fed it some sugar, and left it in a really small jar with water.

grated ginger
grated ginger

After 5 days it was ready to use and make soda with.

I loosely used this recipe here for my idea, since I had some fresh Strawberries;

Cultured Strawberry Soda

Here is a picture of my soda and my mini bottle of culture on the first night.

1st night strawberry soda
1st night strawberry soda
mini bottle of 7 day old bug and new jar of 2 day old bug
mini bottle of 7 day old bug and new jar of 2 day old bug


Adding some of my ‘ginger bug’ culture at the end of an infusion seemed too easy for me. And making a fruit juice is insanely easy just seeping fresh fruit like tea for a while and maybe adding some sweetener if you want to it. I bottled it up in a old jar with a cork, and we actually prematurely started to enjoy it the night of making it, so got some minimal bubbles but they were inside of it, the next day more bubbles and a louder ‘pop’ of the cork, and the third morning, this morning, it ‘popped’ so loud, that I was actually proud enough of my experiment to try it again and again.

So I have another ginger bug in the making now, and more sodas to come. I am really excited though because for the best and most exciting news is…


I was the most happiest to hear that my ‘ginger bug’ soda, did not give my husband a bad aftertaste, or any bad taste for that matter of ginger whatsoever, in fact he is asking for me to make more asap. I am so enthused cause the benefits of drinking lacto fermented ginger soda are great for the whole family. And since everyone liked my first bottle, I am sure to start some more, in fact I need to go disinfect some old bottles now for my next batch. My older ginger bug is happy and ready to make another batch of soda for me.

Here are some of the more interesting ‘ginger bug’ recipes I have found lately.

Organic Fermented Ginger Bug Soda Recipe

Fermented Elderberry and Honey Soda

Natural Ginger Ale


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