Weekend Coffee Share #3 “Chicken, Cabbage n Carrots”

These last few days have been a complete test of my kitchen creativity, I have had to be utterly creative with whatever I could find in the house.
The last few days I had a small supply of chicken fillets from Schwans and then some cabbage and carrots from the food bank.

I astounded my husband when for 4 different meals straight, I presented all of them in different ways.

I guess I can make a Coffee Share about how I got creative in the kitchen again, this one even amazed me anyways.

For the first night I made baked chicken, with Cole slaw and carrots on the side in a hash. I have never made cole slaw before and I had to look up the recipe and it turned out great. I wish I had some pictures of it.

Then the second night I made Chicken Tacos with whatever spices I could find in the house and they turned out really good. For the second night I made a steamed combination of cabbage and carrots and seasoned it with lemon and put it under the chicken in the tacos. I surprised my husband when it tasted just like the Cole slaw from the day before, but it was a completely different way of presenting the carrots and cabbage.

Here are a picture of the chicken tacos.

chicken tacos with slaw
chicken tacos with slaw

Then the next day I miraculously realized that I had too many dried cherries and almonds and decided to make a chicken salad with the carrots, cabbage, chicken, and those. It turned out really good.

chicken salad
chicken salad

Then the same day I made chicken tacos but with a twist and put the tortillas and seasoned chicken under the broiler for a minute for a tostada effect.

Tonight, I found an abandoned package of ground chicken in the freezer…the last of our meat until I get money or food stamps. Both coming soon. And I am making a Chicken White Bean chili, I just browned the chicken with a whole hell of a lot of chili seasonings and I will update later on how it turned out.


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