Take it to the Dogs; a List of 7 holistic things you can do for yourself and your dog..

I never really realized I was a dog lover, until I got a dog. I have had Prince Charles since a week before I got pregnant with my son, and my son is turning 6 this friday. I have been through a whole lot with this dog, been through hundreds of different dog foods; to realize that roasted sweet potato, eggs and coconut oil is all he really needs.

I have come to realize he is very sensitive and prone to more symptoms like yeast infections and fungal infections from contact flea bites. We have figured out which essential oils that the fleas do not like and found out that all he really needs for a bath is a oatmeal and eucalyptus oil shampoo to make him feel and smell good to us and bad to the fleas.

Its been a long while with charlie, and I was in the process of writing an article about things that help my family, when I realized that these things help charlie as well. He’s a part of the family and I know all your animals are a part of yours, maybe some of these things will help.

Here are a few pictures of him..

charlie,santa and I, Dec 2015
charlie,santa and I, Dec 2015
prince charles
prince charles

Black Seed Oil; is good for both humans and dogs. If you do not know much about it yet, you can read about the benefits of it in the following links.




Earthpaste and Oil Pulling. My family and I use a toothpaste called Earthpaste, and I even found a few links for homemade toothpaste for dogs. Oil pulling can eliminate toxins in your body and its a great thing to do for your health.





Coconut oil; Coconut oil is good for so many things, you can use it for oil pulling. you can fry food with it for yourself, and personally I bake with it for both the family and the dog. 




Essential Oils aka herbs and supplements; You may not have a stash of herbal oils like we do, but its great for you to know the essential herbs and supplements for yourself and to know which ones are ok for your pet to smell, and or have around them. Always consult with your local vet before giving your dog herbal supplements of anykind. 



Heres a few great infographics for help;





Salt Scrub; we make our own salt scrub for exfoliating, but did you know that animals can benefit from having a scrub down as well.

Check out some of these links for how to make a scrub for yourself, and the last one for a homemade dog scrub. You can use your knowledge of essential oils for animals and make sure to always dilute the oils for animal.




Homemade Salve; I love making herbal salve, my link to my recipe is here;  


 I also have a great turmeric Salve recipe that I use on our dog when he has bad skin break outs, which can be made just like the calendula one here;





Flax and Chia Seed; My son and I love baking with flax and chia seed, its so good for your health. Surprisingly its also very good for dogs as well. I love making my dog a chia and or flax meal baked treat aka doggie biscuit. 




 Turmeric : Turmeric is great for humans, you can see my post about how here;


I also find that its great to share with our dog. He is getting older, so I use a turmeric salve on him occasionaly.




5 thoughts on “Take it to the Dogs; a List of 7 holistic things you can do for yourself and your dog..

  1. How about black seed oil. … I have a blue merle cocker. 8yrs old, diagnosied auto immune 04/2013 from an interaction of vaccines and the Trifexis flea pill. Constant yeast infections around groin, back hind quarters, belly, ears, can get all over her. I had read that the black seed oil could be helpful wit inflammation. Going to try it myself since I’ve had bronchitis 2x in 30 days. Anything you could recommend would be helpful.

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    • Thank you so much for writing me, being as the first person to ask about my dog remedies i am willing to make you my first doggie care package customer,..since writing my dog article i have come up with amazing ways to detox your dog and yourself and ways to stay healthy. i am waiting on some funds but when i have some i will make you a care package for your dog free of cost, i am willing to put my remedies out there for free to the first person to ask and congrads thats you, email me at mendomadelocal@gmail.com, i will send you some stuff in the mail asap. thanks again. and yes black seed is Wonderful for you and your dog to detox with. 😁😁💞


  2. This page is awesome! I have recently rescued a dog and he suffers from Acid Reflux (GERD). Is there anything natural that I can give him that would help aliviate the burning sensation? I am already feeding him turmeric and coconut oil. Aloe Vera would be perfect but it is listed as toxic for dogs…

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this priceless information! You have done the trial and error work…. also priceless! Your Prince is beautiful!

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