Mome Rath’s Journey- NAPOWRIMO Day 25


Twas milly, and the second time,

the mome rathes were angry and ready to feed,

they thrashed and kicked in the boxes,

till at last they escaped their wretched condition.


Passing the borogoves this time free, released from captivity,

they asked for directions to the castle of Nim,

yet were lost for 10 days and 10 nights until they reached it.


The wabe was dark, the toves were quiet and all they could think of-

was the feast of hurmilabob when they got there;

they were sure the queen would greet them with respect and festivities,

for their journey was treacherous and long

and never a nibble was taken along the way,

they persevered and had made it home.


Mome Rathes were happy and finally home again.

At last back with their queen,

and the feast of Hurmilabob was ready to begin.


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