NaPoWriMo Day 24 “Whist Walking in my Abode…”

What doth thou findan when thou enter my abode?

doth hast a smell that you detest?

The wet dog on the dirty couch, perhaps?

Thine dishes stacked in the sink,

thine garbage overflowing?


Dost thou discover the sticky mess in the corner?

The bathhouse sink over yonder

hast a lego stuck betwixt the pipes,

wherefore it doth form a plug in it.


Doth thou findan the dirty hair

balled up in the bathhouse corner

from all the dog baths?


Doth thy loath my livings?

Dost bethink it quant?


Do not hold carelessly my abode,

hark! it is my only home,

methinks it never be clean anyways. =)





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