Weekend Coffee Share Part 2 “A Foodie Afternoon”

For this weeks coffee share, I have been thinking on a idea for a subject all afternoon as I cooked Brunch, then as a bullet it hit, me, I would just tell you about our epic Sunday Brunch and the musical Motivation that played during it.

So I have a Pandora Account; its the most extensive collection of awesome radio stations that I do not have to pay for, I love it. Lately I have been switching back and forth from a few great hit stations such as Duke Ellington Radio (I blame American Hustle for that), Billy Holiday Radio (remember in the Clueless Movie ‘Oh I love him’…lol) and from a crazy memory of my grandpa, Judy Garland Radio, (which honestly is the one that always surprises my husband when its on…heehee). I cannot help it, these oldie stations keep my anxiety down, especially when I am cooking. My son and I love dancing to Bo Diddley Radio and now I introduced him to some 50’s rock and roll and he loves it. So this afternoon has been a mix of a medley of all those oldies.

Sometimes I go back to my older stations like Rob Zombie and Black Sabbath and such stations, but usually only in the mornings when I am trying to stay motivated to not crawl back into bed and not cook. Today the boys suffered about a half hour of such metal music before the classic hits…its a musical house, with a very open mind.

I love baking to Duke Ellington and cooking to the Ella Fitzgerald Songs and such, its such a nice way to spend a beautifully overcast day here in the Bragg.

Anyways this isn’t all about the music, although I could not cook without it; I certainly pay the internet bill thinking that honestly its like paying for the music all day  and I am fine with that, I need music to stay sane. So yes, it was a musical morning, but I also made a few awesome brunch things that I must share. And I fully blame cable aka the food network for inspiring me to make french toast. I made some french toast this morning, the chef in the show I watched on t.v. added some oil to her french toast mix to thin it out, so it wasn’t so eggy. And by golly it really worked. I also used some leftover flat meringue mix for the french toast batter, and that helped the batter as well. I used about 1/3 cup milk, 3 eggs, 2-3 egg whites with sugar and a dash of oil and blended with my new handheld whisker. It blended so well, that I ended up making 2 batches of french toast; one for the boys and I to eat now and a second batch of a whole loaf of sourdough local bread to freeze.

Here is the picture of the batch we are freezing for later. They are from a local sourdough loaf of bread from the fort bragg bakery that I got from the food bank, although I had to cut it, it turned out great.


I also made a batch of Beignets; on request from my hubby, who loves them. I had to reduce the recipe as I only had 1 1/2 cups of pancake mix for a usual recipe that calls for 3 cups. So here’s the reduced Beignet recipe 1 1/2 cups pancake mix and 1/2 cup of water. It will come off the bowl easy then roll it out and cut.

Here are the glam shots of that.

20160424_133004 20160424_133007 20160424_133041 20160424_133250

So although most of the time I think I do not have much to be writing about, I always realize that my life is paradise and I live in heaven and everything I cook and do is worth sharing because it make me and my family happy, and maybe some of my recipes could make your family happy too .



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