NaPoWriMo Day 8 ‘Flower’

Sometimes it seems

like I am a bit obsessed

with learning all the flowers.


I memorize names and uses

leave shapes and petal counts,

but I seem to get really excited..

when I come to find my favorite one right now,



I know it may not seem like much to you,

you may think that its a weed, or not of a use,

But not me.


I love Calendula;

its young petals and matured flowers.


I dry as much as I can get and preserve its oils,

making salve for my family and I to use.


It helps too many things to name,

as to why I love it so much.


Its the plant that keeps on giving,

easy to grow and cultivate,

I don’t have to wait years,

for a root to mature,

or a flower to bloom,

its constantly blooming,

even loving its deadheads off,

which you can then save for use.


I may not have the most beautiful words

to show my love;

but God, Myself and mother Earth knows

how much I truly love Calendula.



For some more Calendula fun see my post on making Salve here:



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