NaPoWriMo Day 6 “Food”

Definition of Food: Edible or potable substance (usually of animal or plant origin), consisting of nourishing and nutritive components such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, essential mineral and vitamins, which (when ingested and assimilated through digestion) sustains life, generates energy, and provides growth, maintenance, and health of the body.

But Food is so much more then that..

Food is life,

Food is confidence,

Food is substance,

Food is community,

Food is Love.

I love Food so much, that I dedicated a whole blog with the intent of always writing about food. I only recently started to write more creative writing and poetry, but I still made this website for food.

I never knew how much food would change me,

learning about farm to table from the farmers at the market,

and cooking and learning vegetables from the hands that grew them,

I am blessed to be educated about food from the farmers market, so I am forever endowed to the farmers in Sebastopol from the years 2010-2013, I love each and every one of them.

And the bakers, the cosmic cookie jar, if you ever read this; You inspired me to bake more. I was so addicted to your baked goods each week that now, I bake almost every weekend.

I love farmers markets now, and I have a new appreciation for all kinds of raw food and even farmers that make the food from the market.

I loved learning from the farmers each week and it inspires me to eat better now and more fresh. It even inspires me to get to know the farmers in my new neighborhood of Mendocino county.

I love Food so much that I cannot express the WORTH, it has made me feel, the confidence you get in the kitchen learning is the best confidence ever, and you get rewarded with food that you made yourself. I am self taught and I hate messing up, but with every mistake, I am learning how to cook and prepare food more.

Since only self teaching myself how to cook in 2 years, I have learned how to make the following things without a recipe book not in front of me; Muffins of any kind, biscuits-both yeast and soda kind, yeast bread,pizza dough, salsa, slow cooked meats, and even angel hair pasta.

Here is a photo of a regular pasta night aka tonights dinner prep;

making angel hair pasta
making angel hair pasta

I LOVE FOOD. sorry, but I do..

How do you feel about it?!

I am sorry this isn’t a poem….



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