NaPoWriMo Day 4

December we get presents, Christmas rules the whole month;

November is our anniversary, we have been together 10 years this Nov 2016,

October is Halloween, and its our favorite month to decorate the house,

September is Daddy’s birthday and the start of school,

June, July and August; well those go by so fast, it seems as though summer is in a different time zone,

March, April, May, well those spring months are my favorite -Gardening all day and lovin the sun.

February is love month, celebrating friendship day, aka love day aka valentines day is always fun.

But the worst month of all for me, although my birthday falls into it….

is January.

Rain or shine, my birthday comes 6 days after Christmas,

and its the worst timing of all… you never know what the weather will be like,

so you can’t plan to do anything, the moment you plan to go out, it rains…

January is the month of renewal, month of high expectations for self,

month of resolutions that you are always disappointed not to keep,

but you set the bar so high for yourself that you want to accomplish them

and get so upset with yourself when you break them…

Diet, exercise, plans to change- they never happen in January.

The rest of the year, changes happen, but never when you plan them to.

yes, I say January is the worst for me, I dread getting older,

and dread the thought of going through another January every year..




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