If we were having coffee… Wk 1

Sitting down this Sunday afternoon, thinking about the weekend writing challenge. Also just realized that national poetry writing month aka NaPoWriMo, started this month. So I am eager to start some poetry for that as well. I am thinking the best way to approach this weekend coffee challenge is to be completely authentic and write a post as if I were writing a letter to my best friend (if I had one) or my mom, saying things that are a part of my life this week, in the form of a pen pal-ish letter. So here goes.

Dear Readers:

If we were having coffee today together, I would tell you all the things that I have been dealing with this week, I’ve had a crazy week, realizing some things and coming to some personal conclusions.

One being my happiness is only determined by myself, and no one is responsible for my happiness but myself; realizing the things that make me happy are truly simple, more simple then I would have ever thought.

Like honestly it just takes a few things to make me content in my home. I have begun to realize that all it takes is a clean kitchen to make me wanna create cooking creations, my favorite music playing to keep me motivated and the boys occupied with their own activities makes me inspired to be independent and do things for myself.

I guess I would have never realized how simple it is to be happy unless I stopped trying to be. Once attaining happiness isn’t in my forefront of thought, I have found it. It’s as simple as having all the ingredients to bake bread. It’s all in front of me, aka the tools for happiness, I just have to sit back and let them work.

Just like Yeast just needs the right temperature of water to work, I just need the right amount of things to stay happy. I have realized now that it’s not much work at all, and honestly I have no time to be depressed.

If I can stay motivated to stay busy and get things done, I really am too tired to take the time to over think and be depressed. I have begun to realize I have no reason to be depressed, and that most of the time that it sneaks up on me, are times that I leave my brain to be idle and think of things that aren’t true.

If you didn’t see the subtle connections to how I feel, I am going to bake some bread today. Sundays are for baking and I keep myself busy and happy by making good food. The only thing that sucks about my planned baking adventure is I have to clean the oven.

I have never cleaned an oven before, this cleaning adventure will probably test all my patience and push some depressive buttons, but I will try to prevail. Last week I attempted caramel without measuring and ended up with a bubbling overflowing caramel apple pie that seriously overflowed so much caramel unto the oven that it created a small fire, yea, that was fun, Not!

Opening the oven to let the smoke out, I realized the fire was happening on the bottom of the oven, and I truly panicked, but my husband chimed in and said to throw some flour on the flames to make them stop, so panic driven, I threw handfuls of flour on it and it stopped. I closed the oven door and tried to forget the disaster, but now that the baking bug has bit me again, I must clean it.

That is just a small preview of what I have been through this week, not including the school stress, and medication stress I have been going through; but since this is our first coffee talk I’ll spare you all that drama and stick with this ‘happiness’ bit.

So to get the conversation going,…what makes you happy? and how did you find out?

*later 6pm edit* holy wow, I recently updated to windows 10 and my husband just declared to try my new keyboard now that we updated my computer… it wasn’t working before, so I tried it and IT WORKS!! I finally have a keyboard again..yay!!! and yes my bread did turn out great. here’s some pictures…

my bread before cutting it...
my bread before cutting it…
first cuts of bread
first cuts of bread
slices with homemade whipped cream
slices with homemade whipped cream

7 thoughts on “If we were having coffee… Wk 1

  1. For Easter, I was looking up recipes for baked sweet potatoes. The one that claimed to be the best said to place the pierced potatoes directly on the rack. The thought of cleaning up the mess made by the drippings had me “baking” them in the microwave.
    I hope cleaning your oven wasn’t too much trouble and that your bread came out without incident.

    Liked by 1 person

    • just for a comment I will post a picture of how it turned out. and cleaning the oven was ‘fun’ I scraped the hell outta the mess then scrubbed it away like it wasn’t even dirty before.


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