Colorful as it should be…

I strive to be as healthy as I can, I try to have half a plate of veggies or fruit at every meal, but my biggest rule is..

“Eat the Rainbow”..

meaning to keep your diet Colorful.

Here I highlighted a picture of my colorful salad tonight to show an example.

I do have to admit that my life is pretty colorful as well.

Completely a range of every kind of emotion, every ‘color’ so to say of feelings- always are a part of each of my days.

Life wouldn’t be complete without a colorful array of emotions, food, people….

For a ‘colorful’ array of Boho Mom confessions, see my next post for the

#weekendcoffeeblog see subject ‘If we were having coffee’….

I’ll be working on that by tomorrow..its ‘brewing upstairs’… 😁


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