Sing like no one can hear…

I was really hoping for a one word dailypost today that was bold or golucky or uninhibited, but FEARLESS, is just the same.

I am looking forward to writing about my singing.

Now most people that know me, have never heard me sing.

I do not sing in the shower, and I do not drive a car- so you cant catch me singing to the radio.

But if you want to catch me singing, just accompany me on my son and I’s walk to school in the morning.


Waking up at 7 am in the morning, normally doesn’t put me in a good mood,

getting him up and ready and out the door by 7:45, is a little stressful sometimes too,

but as soon as I step outside my door, and feel and see, where we live, in the morning light and radiance,

well I break into song.


I used to love the early am time during high school, waking up and leaving with the sunrise,

used to be one of my favorite things to do.

Now leaving in the morning,

with the forest ahead of me and the ocean behind me,

feels even more amazing.

Elijah and I have a few songs that we sing in these great mornings, and I am so happy to sing with my son,

breaking out in song, not caring how I sound, or who might hear me- well I say that’s FEARLESS.

here are our favorite jingles to sing, one we made up, and one from the ‘Beverly Hillbillys’,

“Gunna have a good day,


Sun’s out, Good day,


and even when the Sun’s not out,

were still gunna have a wonderful day!”


“This is the way to go to school,

go to school,

go to school,

go to school,

this is the way we go to school,

with a possum for the teacher!”


What do you do that’s Fearless?


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