Spring 2016 Fan Appreciation

To all my followers,

Thank you for being a part of my blog.

Thank you for giving me confidence to keep writing,

and thank you for liking my posts.

You come out of nowhere, yet are from everywhere- around the globe.

You give me hope that my writing is meaningful,

even if only for a self-inflated, image-crafted, self promoted, self published blog.

Thank you for being unique and diverse,

Thank you for comments that give me perspective on what I write and how it reads,

Thank you for being you, for liking me, following me,

and yes, I am giving you a thanks too Mommy. (subscriberšŸ˜) lol

Thanks for encouraging, reading, enjoying and liking.

For without the continuanceĀ of you, I could not blog so freely.

Thanks for seeing my poetry, in the moment, as it is, for the Dailypost;

ya’ll have multiplied since then. šŸ˜

And thank you for reading my recipes and mostly trying them.

Without you, I do not think this blog could be what it has come to be.

Thanks and Happy Spring!



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