Friends- a forgotten indulgence

I used to have friends,

when I was young.


I would spend all my time with them,

share all my secrets with them,

go out with them,

leave school to go on adventures with them,

discovering who I was and liked with them.


Now things have changed,

I see my friends only through

photos and posts on Facebook-

most miles away, states away, even continents apart sometimes.


Friends are for the young,

to help find balance in the chaos of growing up.


I find that having one best friend,

aka one life partner-my husband,

to be the only friend I’ll ever need.


Now that I am grown and matured,

friends are a forgotten indulgence.


Social media contact- that’s enough for me.


I have just finally learned to

love being with myself and my self-made little family

enough to not need them anymore.


Sorry everyone, I am happy without you. 😁

but if you ever drop by my state,

maybe I will visit with you and make you an apple pie-

then send you on your way home. lol


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