Mom’s Organic Boho Food Fun 2016 Plans

I have not blogged in a long while. My only followers aka my mother have probably been wondering, what have I been up to? What have I been cooking, and serving the family? A whole lot of artisan fun actually, from thanksgiving to my birthday which was Jan 2nd, I have been a crazy creative person in the kitchen. But I have not been able to write about much of it.

Why, for my surface pro computer is broken, I thought it was just my keyboard, until days ago, I replaced the keyboard, tried to connect it, and it did not work. The depression is indescribable, I am finger typing on a glass screen right now, just to purge a blog outta my head, just to prove I am not done blogging, and will never stop cooking.

Now I suppose the nice thing to do would do be to share 1000 pictures to show you what I have made, but alas, another blogging problem I am facing is stopping that from happening. My blog is almost full I mean like 80% of my free data is taken from blog pictures of the past. Now I have only had this computer and blog since November 2014 and on my year anniversary, November 2015, everything dies, my keyboard port and my range of data to use.

So now the new plan for the new year is to Clean out the blog, god knows ALL my pictures are not the although I have been making all sorts of crazy things I wanna share; made up recipes like white caramel, to popcorn balls, and even chocolate bark and now I am even making #beetpowder treats like Beet pasta and beet flavored meringue,..I CANNOT flood the blog until I clean it out, aka purge old photos from experiments past. I do not know how long it will take to do this. But I will try and get it done asap, I have however been trying to keep up posting on Facebook since November, and you can see all my photos since Nov 2015 there.

I got so many foodies presents for Christmas, so I have a lot of new toys to share, from a pasta machine, pasta tree, immersion blender and a whole lot more, so stay tuned I will get working on this blog, I will purge the photos from before, and I will get back to posting daily recipes asap.

I think I for sure will come back to daily blogging with a new section called ‘recipe a day’ and share something each and every day that’s new. I hope every one had a wonderful thanksgiving, Christmas and new year. I sure am enjoying cooking since Christmas, and I will post ‘pasta’ how to’s, ASAP, I promise.


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