Adventures in Sourdough

I have a pet at home, he lives on top of my fridge.

He eats flour and water and gives me active wild yeast to cook with.

My pet is my sourdough starter. I have been keeping it for a month or two now, and I am actually able to tell how its doing each day by the amount of bubbles and webbing in it. Today my starter was really happy, I have been feeding it lately with King Arthur Whole wheat Flour in addition to some brown sugar. It really likes that. Today when I woke up and checked on my pet, it was finally ready to use again.

So I took 2 cups out of it, with 2 cups warm water and 2 ½ cups flour, and made a starter ‘sponge’ aka batter. I am using a recipe from a book that I recently found called “Adventures in Sourdough; cooking and baking,” By Charles D. Wilford.

Its a great recipe and reference book for having your own sourdough starter and it was published in ’71. And if you know anything about my cookbook collection, the older the better so I do appreciate cookbooks older then me. And this one is a beauty. I have been bookmarking recipes for the last month and I cannot wait to try a few today. I am trying to decide what to make but since this cookbook has literally every sourdough recipe you can find I am having a hard time deciding.

This cookbook starts with pancakes, and I mean every single kind of sourdough pancake recipe that you can think of. I am excited to get started with a try at sourdough pancakes, for last night I tried to make regular soda pancakes and failed with no rise rubber things. So I am excited. Then it covers waffles, crackers, breads, rolls, biscuits, Dumplings, muffins,french bread, crumpets, cake, cookies,brownies, doughnuts, fritters, Cobbler and pudding.

The best thing about this book is that it covers everything, I do not have to go searching the internet for sourdough recipes ever in my life, because I have all the best recipes for my sourdough starter right here in front of me. So here I go on an adventure in sourdough. I just need some patience because ‘proofing is a test of bakers patience.’ I will update with whatever I make with my active sponge today! I would upload a picture of the book, but I cant right now.

In the meantime here are a few more blog links of mine about my previous adventures in sourdough and bread making.

I have made a hobby of it and its a very ‘exotoxin’ ehem, I mean exciting and satisfying hobby.

Here are all the best links that I have used for starting a sourdough starter.


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