“Fire, grab what you can…!!!!”

My most prized possesion, ah what a simple question for a dailypost; My memories/photos and computer at this point, but I am also an art hoarder, and book hoarder..ehem book collector.

If we were to have a house fire, which I actually do think about alot,(-since a nearby apt exploded while we were home when we first moved into this building…) I am sure I would let most of the art burn, but I would grab photo boxes, our terrabite (which holds alot of photos in it) and my computer,(which enables me to blog), and I would grab my ‘special box’ of books. which thankfully I am trying to keep organized in one small box, as my favorites.

If we did have an disaster happen, we have a “bug out” bag in the living room of survival supplies, it keeps us more assured to have a well stocked bag, just in case.




3 thoughts on ““Fire, grab what you can…!!!!”

  1. I recently did have to leave my home in a hurry due to a fear that Hurricane Patricia would cause a landslide. I took my dogs, their food and cages, my passport and computers, one change of clothes and four sets of underwear! Oh and a big pot of bbq I’d made in case the electricity went out as I was nearly out of gas. I never would have thought I’d be so practical. I gave not a thought to pictures, jewelry or art objects. Perhaps it was because I didn’t want to believe it was a big threat! http://judydykstrabrown.com/2015/10/25/prized/

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