Me and my Dots…


Ever since I was a little girl,

I liked to use the comma,

I think it helps my run on thoughts,

and gives each pause some drama.


I also have a nice relationship with Mr. Semi colon;

in a lot of my run on sentences, he thinks that he can but in.

I like to use him, god knows that I abuse him; I simply do not care.

It gives my writing authenticity, true-ness and a simple kind of flair.

I really do think, that when I think, that punctuation is hiding in my thoughts; somewhere.


Me and my dots, like to have thoughts,

that run on and on and on.

Me and my dots; stylish and timeless,

I use in every one of my poems,

they like to stay in the middle,

on the side;

at the end of a sentence,

they will take their homes.


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