Giving up is my best Idea…

A year ago today, I was working on the best idea of my life. I was working with a business consultant to start my own small business, from years of junior college courses towards an administrative management business certificate and marketing certificate, I thought building a business plan for my “big idea” was exactly what I should be doing. I thought that pursuing a career as a small business owner, being my own boss, helping other artists, and getting my piece of the pie would be the best for me.

I could never be so wrong. I think the best “idea” in my life recently; is giving up my “big idea”. Giving up my year of work, giving up my goals, giving up pursuing being constantly busy, giving up the best idea I thought I could ever have in my life.

I did have a pretty good idea, but really it was far from my own. I was just so wrapped up in the idea of it and the need of it in my area, that I thought I could take on trying to start a “Made local Marketplace” all on my own. I again was really wrong, I do not and shall not ever have the expenses to start my own business.

I figured out that letting go of my business idea, and “putting it on the back burner”- and giving myself time to grow as a person, and be with my family, is by far the greatest “IDEA” I could ever have. Giving up my dreams, which like I said a year ago, I was quite wrapped up with owning a made local store; has been the best idea of my life.

Since letting go of all my self expectations for what I should be doing in life, and finally letting go and just enjoying what I do have in life. Thats the key to happiness, not money or owning your own business. Just being content, with what you have and where you are and what you do; even if its nothing but caregiving; thats the greatest idea that anyone could ever have.

If you have more questions about my first great idea that I have let go of for the time being, check out my old business blog here..

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