Not a Swifty,..I Swear..

Taylor Swift is an sweet girl, if I could pick anyone in Hollywood to play me, that would be my pick. And actually I am the same age as her anyways, both born in 1989, so yes, on the very off chance that I would ever have a movie made of my life, I would have Taylor play me.

I recently have begun to realize what a power person Taylor is, and I do not even listen to her music at all. But I admire her for her drive and determination, also it always makes me realize what people my age can do, when I look at how far she has gotten in her career.

I have honestly only heard like 2 of her songs on t.v, but I admire everything she does; writing her own songs and producing them herself. I admire her, and would love to have her play my life in a movie. I swear to god, I only know “shake it off”, from its promotions on t.v., and honestly I like the Youtube remix of it called “Make it all” better, so I swear I am not a Taylor Swift music fan.


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