From Scratch Graham Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal

Today I made homemade cereal. Not granola, oatmeal or muesli either. I made actual comparable to store bought in a box cereal. Actually it is better then store bought. Way better. My husband and son approve and they would be honest if they did not like it at all. In fact they tell me all the time when I mess up, but today I did fairly well. Honestly my husband said I had a pretty productive day. I started the day making some homemade throat lozenges for my son with infused Rose Hips and fresh lemon. They turned out so good, that it lifted my cooking confidence to try making homemade cereal.

Here is a picture of them;

rosehip and lemon throat lozenges
rosehip and lemon throat lozenges

I ended up cutting them into shard like pieces after melting my rose candy mold, not the brightest idea to pour hot syrup unto something not silicon. But I found some silicon fast and made 4 parchment paper layers of glass shard shaped lozenges. I also managed to pull one into a ribbon shape for the fun of pulling sugar; and having a rare chance to play with it I decided to shape one piece.

Anyways that was a part of my day, the Rose Hip lozenges. But this post is about the cereal. I made cereal today, gosh darn it and it was good. I researched all kinds of homemade cereal recipes last night and came up with the amazing conclusion that cereal is just cut up pie crust.

Yes, you did not read wrong, I said it, if no one wants to admit it, I will, HOMEMADE CEREAL IS JUST CUT UP PIE CRUST! Btw, if you are a home cook and have not conquered pie crust just check out my post here.

I love pie. And even more I love making pie crust, so making homemade cereal for my boys seemed like the most amazing idea ever, before I started it. Now I realize that buying Organic Cereal may be easier then making it, but at least I gave it a good run. Not to say that I will not do it again, my husband loved it, but it is work. I guess just about the same as if you were to lattice a pie crust, just about the same work as that; times as many batches as you decide to make. Today I made 2 batches and I have a ton of leftover to make in the morning fresh, if I want to roll it out.

I made Graham Flour cinnamon crunch, Boho mom style. I used about a cup of Organic Graham flour from Bob’s Mill brand and used Whole Wheat King Arther Flour for the rest of the flour. I used about 2 ½ of whole wheat with about another ½ cup for rolling out. I made it with all butter, although some recipes do say other things to use.

I actually made a ‘Graham spice-sugar’ blend in a small jar with some cinnamon, the graham flour, some white sugar, some brown sugar, nutmeg, and a dash of ground ginger. I then mixed all that together well in the jar, before I added it to my whole wheat flour. I also added a dash of salt here to it all while sifting together the flour mixes. I then crumbled in the butter about 1/3 of a cup, just as if I was going to make a pie crust. Then I added about a ½ a cup of whole milk with some vanilla in it. And formed a large dough. Then I added more flour to it, to roll it out and broke off a little bit of it,( it made a lot), and rolled it out.

cutting the first batch of cereal
cutting the first batch of cereal

Then I took a ‘play-dough’ cutter aka my new pastry cutter and cut it into shapes and ‘forked’ them. Then carefully I placed each one unto a baking sheet with parchment paper. Brushed with butter and sprinkled with spiced sugar. Now I may have said all that in a few sentences, but man that was the most tedious part of making cereal.. shaping it, and dusting it. But otherwise, it was fun with dough, just as I like it. I baked them at 300 for about 10 min, they were so thin, that I burnt a few with each batch, even under did a few in each batch, but the ones that came out crispy and perfect, my husband could not get enough of.

I know a dish is a good one if my husband tells me to take it away from him, aka he could eat it all in one sitting. The best part is, is that this cereal is meant to be eaten in a few sittings. A whole lot of work, for a few bowls of yumminess. But oh so good homemade from scratch yumminess.

homemade graham cereal
homemade graham cereal

And now that I know that all cereal is is pie crust, I came to realize that I do like the idea of always having it homemade. I guess despite all the work, I may be making homemade cereal a whole lot from now on. =) ❤

Here are some great links for ‘recipes’ if you still don’t understand that cereal is just cut up pie crust.

Love Boho mom


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