Reflections of me..

I have made all effort to make this webpage reflect what I stand for.

I have constructed everything from my name, my home page, my theme, my categories and all my posts to reflect what I would like to represent in life. This is my ideal Self that is represented here.

I am a Mom, who lives low income and on Food Stamps and I am an artist-writer/overall creative person. I showcase my creative efforts here in a WAY MORE ORGANIZED manner than Facebook. I came over to WordPress with a page title the same as my way older Facebook page here:

I started my Facebook page with the same name in 2012, when I was learning so much ways to local food from the farmers market every week, and I wasn’t paying for any of it. Food stamps and generousity of others supported my family then, and I learned a whole lot directly from the farmers that were raising and growing my food on how to cook it.

I started this blog in November 2014 when I realized that I had so much information to share and now years worth of photos on Facebook to round up and organize and I had no place to do it.

So I started this page, and the first blogs that I wrote is a reflection of how I wanted to be represented to others.

Here are a few of my favorite early blog examples:

I also came to realize that the recipe research that I conducted on a daily basis, when I get free food that is new to me, is so extensive that it deserves to be documented and shared. I got weekly food from the farmers market before and now I get free produce weekly from the local food bank.  Most of the time when I was asked a question on Facebook on how I came to realize how to cook certain things, I had already lost the link, and now I try to document each new thing that I make, so that I can reference it later in life, for myself or others. I have a whole category on my “ingredient breakdowns”, in my menu if you want to check out some of those well researched blogs.

I also am trying to branch out a bit more lately with this blog and showcase some of my art & writing skills. I have been an artist and a writer since I was a young child and also studied each extensively later in life in Junior College. I have joined Blogging University to prove to myself that I can appropriately write about any subject that is thrown at me, and so far I think I have been doing pretty well. I am going to try my best to keep posting my creative writing as it comes to me, I do have the courage to have a pretty nice “Poetry” category in my menu. And to be honest I am pretty proud of my recent poetry, enough to post it on the internet at least.

So if that doesn’t explain enough, just look at my clean design, ready for long and lengthy content- like my writing; look at my awesome menu that is navigable and clear to read; check out my blogs that are more low income foodie authentic then anything; check out my sidebar which last night I worked hours on adding a “Sweet and Savory” photo gallery to; check out my tag cloud on the bottom of the page that showcases the things that I have most written about, and more importantly remember that I am the one and only Boho Mom!

In response to today’s daily post challenge “Mirror Mirror on the wall”


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