Stages of Me

Stages of me

I recently begun work on a new art project. One night before bed, I was scheming of ways to dispose without destroying it, boxes of old artwork that I have piled up from way back when. I have 2-3 boxes in my closet of old artwork and poetry dating back to when I was only 6 years old. I guess not only was I a very creative child, but even my mother did not know what to do with all my artwork.

So I have this crazy collection of memories of my life, all expressed in amazing and artistic different ways, in boxes and also in 2 portfolios. My portfolios are from when I got older, I have been keeping my portfolio since my first junior college art class, which I took in my senior year of high school. I have a whole lot of finished art work on my hands.

Some that I love more than others, are hanging on my walls displayed, some because they are my recent work and I am proud of my most recent paintings, and also my oldest ones I have from high school are hanging up in my living room. Some of my more better composition charcoal studies of still life drawings I have hanging in the kitchen as well. My more prideful pieces are on the walls, but what do I do with the body of work that’s in the closet?

What do I do with poetry that I have written since I was a child? What do I do with the stacks of sketchbooks full of doodles on each page? What do I do with the 3d collages that I made to pass the day and take the depression away, stacks and stacks of collages from when I was only 10 years old? What do I do with all the movie stubs I thought I would keep for scrap-booking? What do I do with my hoarder supply of magazines that I want for FUTURE collages? What do I do with the bags of already cut paper for collages? What do I do with all the artwork, from my past 15 years?

Well I finally figured out the answer to most of my dilemmas? If you have ever seen the movie “White Oleander” and watched it until the very end, you see the main character putting together “memory cases” of her life, commemorating certain times of her life in art in suitcases. She was able to open it up and look at it, and put it away when she was done thinking about it. Having that strength to feel strong and in control about where she had been, helped her be a better adult artist.

"White oleander" suitcase screenshot
“White oleander” suitcase screenshot
making the art suitcases in the movie
making the art suitcases in the movie

Knowing where we come from makes us stronger. Having all my old artwork and poetry locked away in boxes and lost in portfolios does not make me stronger. I figured I would make “Memory” sculptures, for periods of my life and use all my old artwork to collage them. I have recently started on my “Child period” piece, and I am making it a little girl figurine, with pigtails and a dress. I am currently using all paper and paper mache with a little tape to make her. I am only on the base stage of paper mache right now, but I will show some pictures of my work in progress.

details of hands and dress paper mache work
details of hands and dress paper mache work
work in progress
work in progress
close up of eye work paper mache
close up of eye work paper mache
paper mache work
paper mache work

For me my big accomplishment is to have the figurine have awesome detailed features, which I will eventually cover in my old poetry and artwork from ages 6-11. My next sculpture will cover the next stage of my life, a lot more psychedelic drawings and mushrooms and things, will be age 12-16. Then my final figure, which I probably will make a lot to resemble myself as I want to be ideally now, will be ages 17-26 showcasing artwork that I have done in the last 9 years.

I am trying to force myself to collage years of artwork into a smaller space that I can appreciate and enjoy, I am trying to be able to see all my work in one sitting also. I really hope that I can find a way to use a lot of what is in my old art boxes, but I am questioning how much portfolio work I am going to cut up and collage, for it is really large scale and would not fit on the size figures I am making for this project.

In response to today’s daily post, here:

If I could only pick one sculpture idea to represent me in the last year, it would be a cornucopia of things, a harvest of things from Mendocino county would represent me at this time.

I am now in a abundant land of forest food and sea food, and I would represent what I have come to be with a sculpture that blends both of those ideas into one. I love living here in fort bragg, its the dream of everything I would look for in retirement and honestly, I live like I am retired at only 26.

I live how I want, and am able to eat plentiful and bountiful and I am living a dream being transplanted into such a beautiful county with such high food standards.

Yes, if I could make a sculpture about this past year, it would revolve around local food.


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