Imagineer at Heart

When I was a child I loved movies. I loved watching cartoon movies, aka animations and imagining one day that I would be a good enough artist to make them myself. I read books on Disney Movie magic and the steps it takes to be an animator.

I have been an artist all my life. I have been drawing my whole life. But the one thing that I have been too busy to learn would be animation. I studied business in school because it was practical to have a certificate in business. I learned how to display art, how to sell art, how to even create art books that I sold.

But to say that I still do not want to learn how to animate anymore, would be a lie. I am fascinated by cartoons. My son and I are ‘Silly Symphony’ addicts and watch at least one a day on youtube. I recently watched a new documentary on Disney animation and it resurfaced my passion for wanting to learn animation.

I do not want to say that I have been too lazy to learn, because god knows I have not been lazy with my life whatsoever, I have taken myself from a unsuccessful homeless teen to a great successful boho mom, in only 9 years, so I am far from lazy. But If I had the chance to learn something new, that I have not been able to before, it would be learning how to animate my drawings.

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