9/30/15 Chicken Garlic Alfredo

Last night I made chicken Alfredo for dinner. I have never made this before for the boys, I have made alfredo noodles for them before, but not egg noodles and not with diced chicken. I was really happy to be making this because it is one of my favorite meals. For being one of my favorites we do not eat it often enough.

Our family has a little bit of an habitual carb routine; and noodles are like the last carb on the totem pole of what we make, so I am trying to incorporate pasta more into our cooking, since I love pasta. We have a bit of a routine of bread, potatoes and rice and now that I am mixing in pasta into our diets, it will stretch out the use of the other carbs.

I just so happened to get a jar of Alfredo from the food bank, and this was the basis of the idea for this meal. I was super excited when I saw it there, and I had been dreaming of Alfredo chicken ever since. I got my large bag of chicken breasts from Schwans this month so I was really excited to cook it up with some fresh garlic and Alfredo sauce. If I had a working ‘high temperature’ oven, I would make chicken garlic Alfredo pizza which I LOVE, but my oven breaker is now the culprit and god knows if that will ever get fixed.

Here is the post on that awesomeness. Its one of my favorite pizza’s that I make.


Anyways, since my chicken breasts are frozen ‘hockey pucks’ in the bag, I had to boil them first to get them cooked nice and ready. I have been making a habit of boiling chicken before I do anything to it, both to defrost it quick and to ensure that however I cook it, that it is cooked. The other day I made fried tempura chicken nuggets (I did not post it..shame) and used this chicken and prepared it the same way before I covered it in tempura and fried it. Anyways, after I boiled the chicken and let it cool down I diced it up into small pieces. I had about 3 pieces out and I had plenty of chicken diced and ready to grill.

First I put some butter into my hot cast iron pan, then I put some fresh garlic through my garlic press, and threw the whole clove into the pan, then I added the diced chicken and grilled it until I had nice grill marks on it on a few sides. I also added some Italian seasonings here and some salt and pepper. After it was grilled nice, I added some whole milk into the pan, to ensure that the chicken would not dry out on me.

While I did all this I boiled some cheap egg noodles. I actually had a few dollars and was able to get 3 bags of egg noodles for .80 cents each at my local health food store, from their bulk section. I boiled 2 bags worth and saved the last one. I was able to drain them fast and then add the bottle of Alfredo sauce from the food bank, I also mixed in the garlic grilled chicken and then reduced a bit milk with some Parmesan cheese, and served it with some mozzarella sticks that I made with egg roll wrappers. The mozzarella sticks were a bit oily and should have been done in the oven probably, but I also had the egg roll wrappers from the food bank and wanted to make another side to the chicken and pasta.

I had already ran out of fresh veggies by last night, so I am going to the food bank today to go stock up on veggie sides that we love to have with every meal.

Here is a picture of the meal.

pot o pasta and chicken
pot o pasta and chicken
egg roll wrap mozzarella sticks
egg roll wrap mozzarella sticks
my second plate
my second plate



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