Forever Young…

Sandcastles, Forts and Ice cream.

If I were age 6 for a day, then I would play with my son, who is 5 years old from sunrise to sunset.

One of my biggest goals in life is to play with him, as if I were a child anyways, feeding his imagination and creativity as much as I possibly can.

I would build Forts, eat Ice Cream all day with him and for sure take a midday trip to the beach and build a sandcastle that we could both sit in, because I would be small again and his size.

I would play with him in the parks and beaches and explore nature and find bugs and hold them in our hands. We would look at birds and seals on the beach and make rock sculptures and forts of driftwood.

We would go swimming in the community pool and play like children should. Share secrets and be friends as equal size if only for a day.

If I were 6 again, yes, I am sure that I would want to play with Elijah. I am sure that I would love to play with him and imagine all sorts of fun games to play all day.

Yes, that surely would be a great thing to be 6 years old and get to play with my son, but since I am not I try to just channel my inner child each day, and put myself in his shoes.

I try to play with him each and every day now, and I feel like a better mom, by doing it, even if I am not 6 anymore.

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10 thoughts on “Forever Young…

      • I’m teaching English to my housekeeper’s son Oscar, and two different days we went out to”play” for part of the lesson. One day it was a rubber band launched helicopter and today one of those giant band bubble makers and playing fetch with the dogs. I had a bag of kid-level fireworks…those little poppers and tiny fountains, etc., but he misunderstood and took them home so now I’m going to have to get more for myself! Ha. Mexican children don’t usually know what to do with toys. Their idea of playing is to follow their parents around and watch them work, then eventually help! The first year I was here I had a pinata full of toys for Xmas and also a cupboard full. Any child here would sort of look at them for awhile and then go out and watch their dad water the plants or their mom wash windows. This is good in a way, but it seems they’ve gone straight from that to computer games!!!I have encouraged several generations of kids to color and draw and have big art experiences for the kids in town and they love that. Art is natural and they do wonderful things given the material. It is the idea of play that seems not to exist!


      • We are a house of “Makers” and we create things all day long using our imagination to build things we want or need, encouraging play all the time and having fun, my son loves being a part of my art projects and we try to do projects that involve him too, he loves to paint me pictures.. thanks for the comment.


      • You are the best sort of Mom and he is the best sort of son–encouraging play and creativity in each other. I think we learn so much wisdom from that communication with ourselves–our creative right-brain side.

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  1. That was so nice to read, what an awesome thought to be young again and then play with your own children. We have that ability to play anytime, we just need to allow ourselves to be free. I’m so thrilled you want to continue to play with Elijah each and every day. He is a wonderful child with a great imagination.

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