The one that got away

Out of time

out of reach.

If I could have anything back,

To have the one thing that got away,

It would be that feeling of wanting to create art,

draw, paint, paste and create,

without the worry

of what to do

with the thing that is created.

Now that I am grown up,

I worry about

what is going to happen

to the art too much,

to create it

with the imagination

and ease that I used too.

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6 thoughts on “The one that got away

    • fortunately after writing this tonight, i have figured out a AWESOME collage-paper mache project to utilize my old portfolios and boxes of art collecting dust. .aint nothing like some inspiration, thanks for reading. ❤


      • thanks, I just torn. what do you do with your finished collage work..i have stacks of that too..which i will not be using for this project. thanks for the imput.


      • I show at different galleries around town. I sold most of what I made at one gallery that carried my work for 12 years. Then they remodeled and changed their paradigm so I have my jewelry there still, and my books, but no retablos. A Mexican artist has asked me to do a dual show with him in Santa Fe, NM next year which would be very nice. I’ve never shown my retablos in the States, except for in one small Arts Center thirteen years ago. I did do arts and crafts shows for thirteen years with my jewelry and lamps-and open studios in my home, which might be an idea for you. Right now selling on line seems to be good as well–on Etsy. My pieces are hard to mail and living in Mexico creates an additional problem. I’d love to see pictures of your work.

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