Paying it Foward

Today I chaperoned Elijah’s first Kindergarten field trip. We went to a local symphony show with a awesome ballet show with it. It was a really great show and short enough to hold the children’s attention.

Today I felt like I really was a help for Elijah’s Kindergarten class for the first time. We walked to the local music hall from the school and helping guide the children there was really a treat. I felt like I was paying it forward to all the parents who have helped before me volunteering in the classroom when I could not. I am glad I had a chance to help.

I also wanted to give a shout out to yard ladies or people I should say, who watch over all the children at the school and are not even assigned to a specific classroom each day. Who are just there to help any class that need help. I felt like I was helping out, and I was happy to be there.

Paying it forward supervising felt good, and I am happy to receive the care of the people that volunteer at the school as well.

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