A Child’s Eye View

A child’s eye view

When we are children, we perceive the whole world as a vast huge thing. Everything is huge to us. I remember playgrounds as a child were wondrous places, finding enjoyment in the small spaces to hide in and play and the awesome child sized structures to play on, were my favorite things to do. Swinging around on the small child sized monkey bars were fun also. My son is now finding the same enjoyment as I did on the playgrounds, he loves playing in them.

Today he laughed so hard when I played with him on the playground before school started, hiding and running from him and using the play structures to hide. It just made me realize how “Big” I had gotten. As a child we all fit on the playground and as we begin to grow out of it, the world doesn’t get much bigger, only we do.

When we are children the world is huge, our possibilities for life are endless and we do not even perceive our own limits, because we are too young to set them for ourselves. Too young to think that we are unable to do anything. In fact when we are young we think that we can DO anything. And that is how it is supposed to be.

I have just realized that the world isn’t as big as it used to be when I was a child, the playground is smaller and I am a giant compared to the children. Growing up, we loose our perspective that the world is a vast place. Now that the world has gotten smaller for me; my son is perceiving it as vast and wonderful.

So another task that I have as a parent is not only is keeping my son unique. Its keeping this world beautiful and vast and wondrous for him, no matter how I see life, for as long as he has a child’s eye view, it will stay big for him.

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