Rowan, Jane, Lestat and Victor

A storybook day

Rowan Mayfair, Jane Eyre, Lestat de lioncourt, Victor Frankenstein from the Dean Koontz series, how can I choose a fictional friend, its so hard to choose. So I will explain why I picked them all and cannot choose.

I want to learn Science from Rowan Mayfair, I want to have her break down everything I do not understand in Science and show me how it works. I want to learn everything that she has dedicated part of her life to knowing. I want to know all the new things she learned traveling the world. I would wish to be able to pick her brain for the day if only to understand the science of life and giving and creating life better.

I cant choose between Rowan and Lestat, both Anne Rice characters.

Lestat would be able to show me what matters in life, emotionally. He has been through so much as a immortal, so he would have infinate life and love knowledge to share with me. I would ask him,

ā€œ What’s the most important thing to remember in life.ā€ and see what he says. I am sure he would give a really great answer to that.

I am also inclined to want to interview Jane Eyre, I loved this book, read it several times in my youth. I would ask Jane about Patience in love and life, how could she tolerate so much, and still be an amazing feminist character, I cannot wrap my head around how strong Jane is, and how much I would love to be like Jane Eyre.

Last but not least I would have an afternoon with Victor Frankenstein and I would be enthralled to be in the same room as such a crazy genius, I would learn more scientific fun from him and how to preserve my personality so I can live forever like he did.

Special thanks to Anne Rice, Dean Koontz and Charlotte Bronte who inspired me to want to spend days with their amazing characters.

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