Apple doesn’t fall very far….

In response to todays dailypost topic that is here

I am finding that I am very much like my mother, She is my biggest blog fan.

I have found that I am going through the same soul searching and subconsious digging that my mother did at my age.

I have come to find that we both express ourselves in unique ways and art and writing has saved both our selves.

I find the herditary gift of creative writing to be a blessing and a downfall sometimes, sometimes my own writing scares me and I cannot even dare share it. I know that sometimes seeing my mom discover herself in her own creative writing as a child was scary also.

But without the gift of learning how to express myself from my mother, I KNOW I would not be where I am today.

Since you are a subscriber and I know your reading this; I love you Mom.

“All we know is all we are…” -Kurt Cobain


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