King Arthur Flour 100% Whole Wheat Review

KAF Review: Whole Wheat Flour

Recently I bought a new flour to try baking bread with. I have been using a pretty good all purpose for a whole lot of things, from pizza, to pie dough to bread making, but I wanted to try something heartier and richer for my breads. I decided to try some whole wheat flour.

At first I could only afford a cheaper brand of whole wheat flour. Adding even a small amount even like 1/3 of a cup to my bread ratio significantly changed the consistency of my breads to be more grainy. I did not like that at all. A few breads that I made tasted like I used corn meal. The cheap whole wheat flour was so NOT ground to the fine consistency that the regular all purpose flour that I use was. I was getting pretty mad about using grainy corn meal whole wheat flour, until I read and learned about an alternative whole wheat flour. I was even recommended by my landlord who also bakes bread to try King Arthur Whole Wheat flour and its like night and day vrs the cheaper kinds of whole wheat.

I finally saw it on sale this month and was able to buy it, and have now used it twice in baking breads. I am so happy with the fine feel of this flour, its so NOT GRAINY. I love that. I was able to make a Graham flour whole wheat sweet loaf last week for my “feed my starter” bread making Saturday baking adventures, that was really super hearty and flavorful and sweet.

Today I made a 100% KAF whole wheat bread and its FLUFFY! But still hearty and so full of great flavor that I am super happy with the results. I would NEVER be able to make a 100% whole wheat loaf with the dense heavy Whole wheat flour that I used to buy.

I did not measure anything but the flour in making this whole wheat loaf, I used 3 ½ cups of the new flour. I have been making bread for a few months now, and even have my own sourdough starter maintained that I used tonight for both the loaves that I made. I feel fairly confident without measuring much.

I really loved the KAF blog on how to maintain your starter too, it helped me in the first week starting the ‘sourdough starter’. I have been experimenting in my boho kitchen with bread ratios for a while, so recipes are not rules of the game for me they are more like guidelines, and I have made some pretty good breads with knowing the general guidelines and not having to have recipes in front of me each time. My husband was pretty impressed also because I baked each bread under 250 degrees because our oven is broken and doesn’t go any higher until we get a new part on Monday.

Here is a picture of my first 100% whole wheat loaf! With my new-found favorite whole wheat flour king arthur flour.

before the cut
before the cut
perfect slices
perfect slices

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