Artist Child Resurrection

Todays DailyPost Prompt left me speechless. How could they even ask such a silly question?

Here is a link to the prompt.

Asking if we would want to be reborn? Would we return as our present self or opt for a fresh start?

What does that even mean?Starting over in life? or Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is what is implied from the understanding of some other responses. I think that I have earned enough Karma to be reincarnated into another life. But maybe not enough spiritual understanding to be allowed to do so yet. I do not think that my americanized mellenial brain is capable of the idea of reincarnation yet. Perhaps when I find more inner peace will I accept the idea of wanting another flesh form to do the journey in again.

But in the sense that we can reinvent ourselves, or the idea of changing who we want to be in life; having the ability to be “reborn” isn’t a requirement.

If anything I would like my stunted creative growth in my brain to be “reborn”. I would like all my mental heath demons from childhood things I cant barely remember, scarring my creative child inside, to be undone, and my inner creative child to be reborn.

I am doing my best in my ability to resurrect her each and everyday.

So to answer the question in a very weird way, I would like my inner child to be reborn, and I want to have her always; it would give me a fresh start in the way that I think about life presently.


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