9/16/15 Stewed Veggies and Beef Stew Meat

Last night I made beef stew meat slow cooked on the stove. I also made some jasmine rice and stewed veggies. It was a really nice and flavored balanced meal and everyone loved it.

All the veggies that I had were from the food bank, I used potatoes, chard leaves, onions, mushrooms, carrots, and kholrabi. I diced everything but the potatoes and carrots really thin and fine, then I skinned and chopped both the potatoes and carrots into the mix.

I cooked the veggies with a whole lot of salt, pepper and paprika, and I reduced them in the rest of my homemade chicken stock. I steamed the veggies until they were soft in some water, then I added the stock and reduced them until they were melded together and fused with flavor and all the chicken stock was cooked down.

I cooked the beef stew meat in a very unusual way for myself. I usually just make crock pot beef stew but I did not have the time in the morning to start it early so I made the veggies and meat separate on the stove. I covered the meat in the usual beef stew spices; a whole bunch of paprika, salt and pepper and a dash of marjoram.

I slow cooked the meat by constantly steaming it, creating a sort of makeshift pressure cooker with a covered pan on the stove top. I used my egg timer to constantly add more water to the meat every 15 minutes. For every 15 minutes on medium the water was steamed out. So I had to keep adding some more to make it really tender meat, we only like meat that is perfectly tender. After 2 hours adding water every 15 minutes on medium heat it was slow cooked to perfection. It was also seasoned perfectly, so good my husband dared to ask “ What seasoning packet did you use?”

For shame, I hardly ever use those things. I told him that it was paprika, salt and pepper. He was amazed. That’s the kind of meal that I can be proud of; Rice and slow cooked meat, is my husband’s favorite meal that I make. I did not get any pictures, but believe me when I said it was a great meal.

Until next time in the boho kitchen. I am nearing my 90 day Blog a day challenge finish line, maybe or maybe not continue this daily tradition of blogging what I cook each and every day.. we shall see.


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