Overcoming Uniqueness

Overcoming Uniqueness

As children, we embrace everything about ourselves that is unique. We sing loud, Dance crazy, Run around, wear whatever we want, say whatever comes to mind, and never a second thought to being who we really are.

Along that inevitable line of growing up American, we have come to think that conforming to be ‘what we are supposed to be’ is a way of life. Killing our own uniqueness along the way.

We go to Public Kindergarten and find now that even the kindergartners have to conform to the ‘system’s’ idea of what we all want to be, not exactly crushing uniqueness, but putting it on the back burner to being a ‘good kid’ and a ‘good learner-listener’.

I am slowly seeing my young child grow into conformity. I hope to god that the tiny baby that played with his hands and toys by himself happy and silly with his parents, never goes away, but alas, he is already slipping through my hands. I had 5 solid years of stroking my child’s’ uniqueness and now he is inhibiting it to be a good school child.

Believe me I see him let go of all thoughts and release his inner “CRAZY” on the playground, but on rainy days like today, the children have to play inside and running around like a crazy monkey isn’t part of their day. I am slowly realizing that my job as a parent now is keeping my son unique. I know this will be something to always work on, he is such a inquisitive and curious child, he loves so much cool things already. I am at the point now in my life that I am looking back on the things I enjoyed as a child and going back to them also.

Overcoming my fear of being unique. Its harder said than done. I have spent the last 10 years realizing that being unique is what makes us US. What makes each and everyone different is what makes us special, we may have heard this as children; especially millennial children, but its true. I will say that the only reason that I have any happiness at all in my life is because I have embraced my true self. I worked a creativity workshop book called “ The Artist’s Way,” a few months back and it just made me realize that embracing my inner child, just makes me happier. Making myself happy, doing the things I love to do, dressing to be comfortable and to feel good; not for the others, is things that I have realized I can only do because I embrace me.

I hope that you know how to love yourself, who you really are, embrace your own uniqueness, embrace your children’s uniqueness, don’t inhibit yourself, don’t inhibit your children, and OVERCOME YOUR FEAR OF BEING UNIQUE.

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