9/15/15 Carnita’s and Rice

Last night I made Carnitas in the crock pot again. I am making sure to buy a decent chuck roast every month to be able to do this more often now. I have been buying some amazing cuts lately. I am really happy with how little fat have been in these last few chuck roasts that I have bought. I have only a paper thin line of fat in the meat when I cook it and it virtually disappears by the time that I go to shred the meat up.

I got extra compliments on the carnitas last night. I suppose that is due to the fact that I drained the grease when their was an overwhelming amount of it and I also seasoned it more than I usually do. This time I added way more salt and a dash of pepper along with my usual cayenne pepper and chili seasonings. I had to use the last of my bulk bag of chili seasonings, which sucks because it is really versatile and I suppose I need to buy more for the next Mexican meal; which will be soon. I use it for a whole lot of meals, I even use it to season taco meat.

Last night was awesome meal, I had leftover corn tortillas and also a leftover lime and some great salsa for the meal. I love buying this huge bag of corn tortillas, its huge and lasts at least 2 weeks sometimes. I have had it since the last time I made carnitas. It was only 3.50 for 69 tortillas, so I consider it a great investment.

I did manage to snap a not HD photo of my plate.

my plate
my plate

I also made a pot of jasmine rice for the boys, which they really loved. Elijah had his taco’s and 2 helpings of ‘Rice n Bragg’ one of his favorite snacks. We use Amino Acid Bragg’s instead of soy sauce. It was a little off in the flavor profile, having Chinese rice with Mexican carnita’s, but it was great and we all ate it.

Until next time in the boho kitchen! I have blogged Carnita’s several times and will try and find the original one so ya’ll can have the recipe.



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