9/14/15 Pigs in a Blanket

9/14/15 Piggies in Blankets.

Last night I made breakfast for dinner. I made pancakes and sausage ie pigs in a blanket and eggs and a homemade potato-onion hash with scrambled eggs.

I had to figure out something easy because I forgot to take out a bigger cut of meat for dinner early to defrost from the freezer. I have to use the smaller portioned out packages of meat that I portion for the month of ground sausage and ground beef, for last night I took out a portion of already seasoned ground pork. It is seasoned by our local butcher with country seasonings that are perfect for breakfast, anyone who is a local who does not own their own pigs around here, gets that ground ‘country sausage’ for breakfast.

We were actually introduced to our local butcher by our previous landord who has lived here all her life and after cooking that country sausage for breakfast for us for a few sundays when we lived there, I was hooked. I make sure to buy at least 2 packages of it a month and portion it out to about 5-6 little bags, so I can pull one out the night before I want to make a great breakfast and leave it in the fridge to defrost overnight, or it’s really easy to defrost on the counter when we are waiting to have breakfast for dinner.

This time that I used the breakfast sausage I actually made it into links. I have never done this before, normally I make small patties and grill them on the stove top, or make ground sausage with it for sausage gravy. But I formed little links this time, about 4 inches each and an inch round. I first got them grilled really good on the outside, their own grease made them grill real well. Then I lowered the heat and covered the pan to ensure that the insides of the links would be cooked. I let them cook for a while I made the pancakes.

For the pancakes, my husband say’s I fooled him with buttermilk mix, and I did. I had a cup or so of buttermilk pancake mix left from a food bank box and I made pancakes with it, silver dollar style to fit a link each. I do not normally ever have buttermilk anything in the house, and my husband has declared to me before that he does not like buttermilk, so I was risking it. I made 6 pancakes with the cup of mix I had and by the time the pancakes were done the sausages were cooked inside thoroughly. I grilled them a little bit longer to get a better crisp on the outside of them and set them little piggies aside for assembling plates in a minute.

Then I made the potato-onion hash. I used leftover caramelized onions and candied bacon and 2 food bank small red potatoes diced really thin. I am getting to get better at slicing and dicing and its all self-taught. I am quite proud of the size of the potato pieces in this hash I made, and also I cut a half an onion into the hash. I made it in a cast iron. I only have cast iron skillets in fact, I made the pancakes in cast iron also with a little bit of oil. I added a little bit of salt and pepper and veggie oil to the hash and I cooked and even steamed it a bit to make the potatoes cook faster. I ended up with such a yummy hash that even daddy ate all of what I served him and for me that is an accomplishment. If I make anything too oily he cannot eat it and I thought it was borderline too oily, but he cleared his plate last night.

I also took 2 eggs and some milk and made some scrambled eggs on the side. It was a pretty elaborate BFD aka breakfast for dinner, I have been known to just serve waffles and sausage pattys before, so I am glad I spent more time with the components of breakfast last night. It was pretty good. I think I will be making those sausage links again.

I assembled the plates with piggies on blankets drizzled in 100% organic maple syrup, a side of hash, and some scrambled eggs for everyone. And everyone ate everything. In fact Eli was pretty happy to have pigs in a blanket for dinner.

Unfortunately I also broke my phone aka my camera yesterday, so I was unable to take a pic of dinner. But it was good and I will be sure to make it again and get glamour piggy shots.


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