Tooting my own horn….

These horns were made for tooting..

Today I joined the Blogging U. I have been on a #blogadaychallenge with myself for the last 85 days, I had a 90 day minimum day for my challenge, and I am approaching it and I do not want to stop blogging each and every day.

Today’s #dailypost topic is tooting your own horn confidently and assertively.

So the only thing I can think of is writing a poem.

Some things you may not know about me are;

that although self teaching myself how to cook farm fresh has taken me far,

that is barely the tip of the iceburg that is me.

In fact its only a part of what I happen to be.

I am also a Ion Drum Rocker, a mother and a caregiver,

I am a self made entrepreneur and artist,

A home maker, a blogger, a poet,

a teacher, a guide, a business student.

I am a whole lot of things but most of all

I am Boho MOM!


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