9/13/15 Blueberry No Bake Cheesecake in a Jar

Today I was just about fed up with my kitchen. I had to conquer the fact that I have one more day to wait for everything to be fixed. I have the electrician coming for the stove tomorrow, and the people coming to fix and Spackle the kitchen ceiling.

Having one more day pulling my hair out wanting baked goods was not going to happen. I have been researching cheesecake lately and I woke up today determined to make one without the use of my oven. So I decided to make No Bake Cheesecake in a Jar. I happenstance remembered that I had 2 packets of granola in the pantry from some food bank oatmeal things so that was the factor that made it finally work out ok.

You see I have been wanting to make this since I got cream cheese on the 10th. I also bought some graham flour wanting to make my own graham crackers and then turn them into a homemade graham cracker crust, but alas, I still have not had a working oven. Its been eating my brain how I could have a decent crust, because research into no bake cheese cakes indicated that I had enough to make a decent filling, but without a crumbly crust, is it really a cheesecake?

So when I remembered that I had some granola I started getting the cheesecake ingredients together. And I decided to make a blueberry layered jar of no bake cheesecake. I should have put the crumbs on the bottom. For I ground up the granola into crumbs, but instead I saved them for the top layer so that they would stay nice and crunchy. In a jar when you take a spoon of everything, you will get some crunchy granola with every bite, I am hoping.

I also cooked down some blueberries from the freezer with some sugar, for a nice fruity layer of yummy over the no bake cheesecake layer. I did not multi layer it, but I think I will try next time. The blueberries turned into a sort of tangy candy syrup and it will be a nice tang with the cream cheese layer. I have been watching too many cooking shows lately where you want both the sweet and the tart layer in each bite and also adding the crunchy granola gives it another aspect.

For the cheesecake filling I used all the cream cheese I had left, some sour cream, some lemon juice and a whole lotta powdered sugar. Whipped up with the electric mixer, I let it sit and set in the freezer and fridge and it made a nice layer of cream cheese flavored ‘pudding’ on the bottom of each jar.

For now here are some pictures of my no bake blueberry cheesecake with granola on top in a jar. I hope you like it.

****(well they all got deleted because this morning 9/14 I dropped my phone, before I could send them and shattered my screen and since the charger port for it does work we cannot transfer anything until I get the screen fixed. in the meantime as soon as we have some better weather ie sunlight I will pull the remaining jars out for more photos with another device… fortunately we only ate one they were so darn sweet.)

here are some computer shots, hopefully I will get some hd ones asap before we eat it all.

raw cheesecake in a jar
raw cheesecake in a jar
a bite of blueberry, cheesecake and granola
a bite of blueberry, cheesecake and granola

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