9/9/15 Food Stamp Day


The other day I finally got our food stamps for the month. I had to do some shopping while my son was in school then finish more when he got home. At 4 pm I decided to stop shopping and save the rest of the shopping for the next day, which was a 5 $ Friday at Safeway anyways.

I did manage to fill the freezer on food stamp day, I got a whole bunch of meat from our local butcher from our regular cut of short ribs, to some new found fresh ground pork, to a whole bunch of ground beef, a chuck roast to make and even some pork chops and fajita meat.

I also picked up some unexpected produce from out local store, I bought a fresh tomato, a red bell pepper and a bag of green beans to make. I normally NEVER buy produce on food stamps, because I always get enough from the food bank, but that day I made an exception.

As a family we decided to make the pork chops fried, mashed potatoes and gravy and a side of green beans. Elijah was the deciding vote, he wanted to have potatoes and green beans. I was actually kinda excited about making green beans, since my husband can actually eat them I tried to make them really good.

A few weeks ago I made homemade chicken stock boiling a whole chicken of leftovers in the crock pot with some veggies. The results are a chicken fatty awesome broth to cook with and I poured some in a pot to boil the green beans. I also added some diced mushrooms and bacon fat and I cooked the green beans in that.

I also poured some into my little sauce pan for the gravy packet. I had bought a brown gravy packet to try at the store and I made it with the chicken broth. It turned out a little salty due to the store bought packet, but otherwise it was good on the potatoes and the pork.

I coated the pork chops in some whole wheat flour, some of the gravy packet seasonings and some salt and pepper. I first brushed them with some mustard to make sure the coating would stick when I fried it. It worked out really good. Advice for frying coated pork chops, is do not press down on the chops while frying or you will loose the coating, I only lost a little bit of coating before I figured this one out.

The potatoes were especially good that day because we had whole milk and butter. The other day when I made them with low fat milk and oil, it was not as good. Fat makes a big difference when it comes to good taste, and butter helps a whole lot for potatoes.

Here is a picture of the meal.



We finally ate from cooking on the stove top that day, my landlord is sending an electrition to look at it next Monday, but in the meantime, I do FINALLY have my stove range top back, but I do not have use of my oven. I am dying to bake, and if you all know me at all, you know that I am more depressed not being able to bake, than anything. It sucks.

I will tell ya’ll more about what I bought with food stamps in the next post, which will be all about my shopping that I did on the 10th and the 11th. I also am getting 100$ worth of schwans food on the 18th so I am looking forward to finally having that order. Last month they never brought it so I have been waiting like 4-5 weeks for this last frozen food order to come in.


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