9/8/15 Shepherds Pie without an oven


The other day I made shepherds pie without an oven. I used my rice cooker to steam the potatoes and I used my electric 1 burner stove to make the meat and steam some carrots for it. I have never made shepherds pie with carrots before, but it seemed to work fine.

To make the meat mix I combined some grated garlic, with some diced mushrooms and diced onions. I also harvested some chard from our little garden.

Here is the picture of the chard we grew.

home grown chard
home grown chard

I caramelized that for a while and then added some ground beef. I added some salt and pepper and some marjoram. Marjoram is my secret shepherds pie flavor, and even chicken pot pie flavor that no one in my family knows about, but eats all the time.

I mashed and whipped up the mashed potatoes with some food bank milk, (low fat) and added some oil to it, because we were out of butter. I whipped it with my electric mixer and then decided to construct the pie.

I decided to make it in the cast iron and it worked really good. I already had the meat mix cooking in my large cast iron and then I added a layer of the steamed carrots to it. Then I added the mashed potatoes to the top of the carrots and let it still sit on the heat for a while. I liked doing it in the cast iron since the heat on the bottom from the portable range, heated up the whole pan, in turn keeping the whole pie hot. We also like to have the pie when the meat mix is really hot and we got to have it that way.

I did manage to snap some awful pictures of after we took served our

shepherds pie
shepherds pie
stovetop cast iron shepherds pie
stovetop cast iron shepherds pie



I will probably try this again if I do not have an oven, since it worked out really well. I cannot be sure as to when I will have a working oven again. But I cannot wait to bake something.

Until next time in the Boho kitchen.


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