9/11/15 Food Stamp Shopping

Food Stamp shopping for September 2015

I finally got my food stamps this month and once again I tried to do all my shopping in the first 2 days. I do not like shopping that much, so I really like to get it done and over with. I have a really hard time trying to budget everything in that we need on only a minimal amount of food stamps but I seem to do ok.

I started my adventure on the 10th and started it with a treat for me and my husband. I got us some bagels from the local health food store, and treated us to some old fashioned cream cheese. I discovered this cream cheese one time, just trying to supply something for my husband and I’s once in a while bagel binge, the owner of the health food store, asked me if I wanted to try it and I have been addicted ever since. Its called ‘Gina Marie’ cream cheese by the Seirra Nevada Cheese Factory.

I consider the little bit of cream cheese that I bought that day to be one of the delicacies treats I bought this month, and I am planning on making the best of the rest of it. I have been thinking about making cheesecake with the rest of it, and or cranberry bliss bars that use a cream cheese frosting with white chocolate. Although I did not get a chance to buy some white chocolate I can get it relatively cheap from bulk next door. (the health food store is next door.)

I also treated the boys to their favorite boxes of organic cereal this month. I was really happy to budget in some Barbera’s shredded wheat for my husband and some Natures Path organic Kamut puffs for the boy. I also got my much needed supply of butter from the health food store. I get Berkeley brand because it is the cheapest per pound, I pay about 3.20 per pound. I got 3 pounds of butter, but I think I may need more by the end of the month. If I decide to make scones or pie at all this month, the supply will go really fast.

shredded wheat
shredded wheat

I also get our coffee at the health food store. I grind fresh beans their of double french roast and I get about 3-4 bags ie pounds, a month of percolated grind for our percolator. I do not know how I would function without having coffee every morning. I rely on that energy and speaking of I need to pour a cup right now.

That was the shopping trip next door, then I had a few more stores to go to. I also had to go to my local meat butcher for my bulk supply of meat and had to go to the Mexican store for a few things.

I did the Mexican store next, my local family owned Mexican store has a whole lot of bulk products that we like to buy. I think that they get their store stock mostly from Costco runs and it helps a lot to have some Costco prices out here on the coast. I bought some bulk raw non-gmo verified sugar from their in a 4 lb bag. I bought a 40 pack of flour tortillas for only 4.50. I bought some chorizo that we both like and I bought a kirklin bag of mexican cheese. I bought a huge 5 lb bag of organic raisins for only 5$. I also bought a cheap bottle of veggie oil. That was what I bought at the Mexican store.

Next I went to the meat store, I bought a whole bunch of meat. I got a short rib rack, a chuck roast for Carnita’s, a whole bunch of ground beef, some country sausage, some ground pork,(which I have not had before), some fajita meat and some pork chops. I already made the pork chops, and last night we had he fajita meat. I also bought some milk for cereal there, and some salsa and sour cream for making tacos and chorizo.

Yesterday I also did my Safeway run, it was not easy and it was not fun. I only had like 50 $ of food stamps left to use, because I need to save 100$ for Schwans. I bought a double flat of eggs for 19.99 and I bought a 20 pound bag of jasmine rice for 16.99, I bought some maple syrup and bought some flour to bake with. I am really disappointed that I could only get 10 lbs of flour, but I am happy to at least have some. I bought some king Arthur flour on sale that I have been wanting to try for bread making for months, so I cannot wait to bake with it. I also got my regular bread flour that I seem to never get enough of. That was all I bought at Safeway and it was about the exact 50 $ I needed. I also got a gallon of ice cream that is cheap that we all like to eat.

Although I did not buy much, I had like 5-6 things in my cart, they added up in price and weight. I had to bag the flour and the ice cream together, put the 20 lb bag of rice into a bag on my other shoulder and carry 60 eggs home. It was not easy. The bag of rice broke by the time I got home. I literally walked into the door and the bag ripped open, thank god I got home. I am really happy to have this 20 lb bag of rice, because Safeway did not have it in stock for months, and when I finally gave up waiting for them to have it again, I saw it. I am really happy that I found it, its the same price as buying 10 pounds of the same rice at the Mexican store. I can get a 5 lb bag for 6.99 and I am really happy to be getting 20 pounds for the same price of 2 bags of 5 lbs.

I used the bell pepper last night for fajitas and some of the tomato, and we also tried some of the new garlic salsa I bought and some sour cream.

veggies I grilled on the side
veggies I grilled on the side
my fajita close up
my fajita close up

I am still waiting for my oven to be working, but the electrition will be coming on Monday, so hopefully I will be baking bread, making cheesecake and having a baking fun ol’ time by then.

Until then thanks for reading about the Boho kitchen, and until next time.


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