9/8/15 First “Long” day of School

First ‘Long day’ of School 9/8/15

Holy cow. This past 3 weeks has been a whirlwind of emotions. I have just about gone through everything as a mom, and this morning was like a accumulation of it all. Today is Elijah’s first long/full day of school.

Also, this morning I had Elijah’s first principal, teacher, parent conference before school. Eli is having trouble in school learning how to make friends correctly. And I am just a little overwhelmed giving my child up to the school system anyways, but realizing now that I have a team of people wanting him to succeed and just wanting to learn the right tools to help him, is crazy. I have never had much help.

I am leary of having him in a “bell system” school, where he has to comply with every rule and regulation, but honestly I am really lucky and happy that the “bell system” school he got into is a great one. Their number 1 rule with the children is “Be kind, safe and responsible,” and it’s starting to be engraved in his little head. And what could be a better motto for a kindergartner than that.

I am starting to realize that my little baby is no longer a baby, and he is starting to be his own little human, and school is shaping him in a great way for that. Although ideally I would have him in a more Wardolf situation, I cannot afford it, and this public school, offers a great diverse learning environment for a kindergartner, and I know he is still learning a whole lot. We encourage his talents at home and he gets to play and learn in his own special way at home, school is a whole different ballgame than being at home for him.

I am just so on the edge of my seat-toes for picking him up from school today at 2:45. The last few weeks he has had short days, and he has never been to school this long before. I hope he can listen and do well. I am going to start volunteering more at the school, to help him act better and listen, but today is the first test of all that. I did not get any sleep last night worrying about the meeting this morning, and I do not even predict myself getting a nap in while he is gone today, I am too anxious and nervous if he had a good day or not.


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