9/7/15 Taco’s with Chili Sauce

Yesterday we had tacos for dinner. I have only had ground beef, for the last few days, so I had to be very creative with it. I have made meatballs, hamburgers and fried tacos and last night regular dry tacos. I think I have done ok, with being creative with ground beef so far. At least every night had been different, and we only have 1 more package for tonight’s meal anyways.

I had to use chili seasonings from when I made Carnitas for the taco seasonings. I think I may have used too much because it was a little too spicy for my husband. I also made a whole bunch of toppings to go with the taco’s as I was out of lettuce and regular Cheddar cheese. I put out a bowl of mozzarella instead and some diced tomatoes, and I even mixed some diced chives with the last of my sour cream. I even found a box of Mexican tomato soup that I mixed with the chili seasonings and some cayenne pepper for a spicy taco sauce. I spread everything out on the table to have a awesome taco decorating time.

I heated up quite a few tortillas for making tacos and everyone had a pretty good plate. I still do not have a working stove, so I used my portable stove with my small cast iron to heat up the taco meat. I used my large cast iron on the portable stove to heat up the tortillas. I also steamed some white corn from the food bank in my rice cooker veggie steamer and it was really good. My husband and I went a little crazy with the taco sauce and decided to put some on our corn, I even added some sour cream to my corn and it was really good. I described it as a “veggie chili on a stick” taste. I will definitely be making this sauce again. I do not think everyone in the house’s stomach’s liked it as much as our taste buds but I will make it for myself again anyways.

Here is a picture of the elaborate topped taco’s from last night.

taco fixins
taco fixins

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