9/6/15 Peanut Butter Balls

9/6/15 Peanut butter balls aka No Bake Peanut’s 3 ways Truffles.

If there is one thing that I wish that I could always have as a treat every night, it would have to be some form of homemade candy. Who doesn’t love homemade candy? If you have ever had some homemade caramel, or candy bars, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Even the occasional store bought caramel popcorn can satisfy that craving, but really nothing is better then the happiness of eating fresh made, or more like fresh melted candy.

I remember my favorite candy shop in Santa Rosa, as a child was “Peter Rabbits” its out of business now, but its an experience every child remembers if they went there. Even my husband went there as a child and remembers how amazing it was, you could watch them make everything right in front of you and it certainly inspired an inner candy maker in me.

Who wouldn’t want to make their own candy? I have succeeded in conquering how to make some iconic sweet things like from scratch lemon meringue pie and even homemade apple pie, I even was taught once on how to make the best Kettle Corn homemade on the stove. But to be your own candy maker, now that would be amazing to me. To never have to buy a store bought candy, would be a dream come true; Seeing as we all love it and the organic candy is really expensive anyways.

So my goal lately has been to make my kitchen homemade sweet-candy central. I learned how to make my own gummies, and I even learned how to make my own caramel. The family loves my caramel. I am really proud to actually say that through my brief caramel endeavors that I have learned some vital temperatures by heart and know how to read a candy thermometer and a laser thermometer.

But my newest candy goal is the candy bar and ball area. I thought that last night I could succeed in making a peanut butter truffle like ball, but really its just a really good filling recipe for like the best homemade peanut butter bar or ball that you could make.

Unfortunately I did not measure and did not even try, so everything is a rough estimate on measuring. So do not worry if you use less or more of anything, to each its own on flavor, its just an idea that I just so happened to make from scratch and then consume.

Here is how I made the balls. I first reserved a handful of whole peanuts. I had a bag of whole unsalted from the food bank and it was the inspiration for this. I then started to puree some more about a cup of more peanuts when it was chopped really fine, I reserved that in a bowl set aside then I made homemade peanut butter with the rest of the peanuts. This is my third batch in a week or two so I am fairly happy with my recipe and execution of the way that I make it in my high speed blender.

After making the peanut butter I combined it with the following, the leftover pureed peanuts, the whole peanuts, a lot of powdered sugar and some melted butter. I combined it with an electric mixer and it crumbled well. I then made balls out of them and chilled them in the fridge overnight.

We cannot stop eating them balls. They are like sweet peanut butter my husband said. I just wish I had some chocolate to melt and dip them into and make peanut butter chocolate balls, maybe even top the chocolate with something. I am happy with the results only thing it needs is more.

I will post up the pictures of them as soon as I can. Although they are sugary, from the confectioners sugar, I love them, I think they taste like a Baby Ruth candy bar, without the nougat part. Once again I conquered making something without having an oven, no bake peanut’s 3 ways truffles were a success.

peanut butter balls
peanut butter balls
close up of balls
close up of balls
close up
close up
close up of peanut butter balls
close up of peanut butter balls
plate of balls
plate of balls

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