9/4/15 Meatballs on the grill

The other day my oven went out on me, in the middle of cooking meatballs. I was disappointed but I found a way to cook them and have a complete meal anyways. But let me start at the beginning.

I went into the freezer the morning of the 4th and took out a package of ground beef and a package of country sausage. I was planning on combining them to make really good meatballs for dinner. I had to wait for them to defrost all day and then I decided what sides I would make with it. I looked into the cupboard and found a box of Portabella mushroom gravy that I thought we could try, I also decided on making the last of my jasmine rice and also steaming some food bank obtained corn int the veggie steamer while the rice cooked. I lined the veggie steamer with tinfoil since the holes were pretty big, too big for corn, and I shucked and cut the corn off the cob, then I put the corn into the lined steamer. It was done with the rice.

I wasn’t worried about cooking the rice and veggies because it was electric and plugged in. But I have been having some significant trouble with my oven, and ever since ‘meatball night’ it has not been the same. My landlord is getting it checked out first thing on Tuesday morning and we shall see if its the oven itself or the breaker. I just want to be able to use my oven again.

I was about halfway into baking my meatballs when the whole unit turned off on me and I had to go to my landlord saying “ I cannot bake my meatballs..” in a cray cray Italian voice, I dunno whats wrong with me sometimes. He tried to help, but it did not work for long. I decided to break out my portable grill and electric stove and we have been cooking on it ever since. We have had brief moments of stove use in the last 3 days, but so minimal that all baking efforts have gone to naught, and I have been racking my brain for all the no-bake desserts that I can make.

I made them darn meatballs, I mean finished them on the grill and even managed to have a stainless steel pot of mushroom gravy on the other side of the grill cooking and managed to put dinner on the table. I did not get a picture of dinner plates, as those were impressive for the amount of minimal appliances I took to make it, but I did manage to snap a ghetto pic of cooking on my grill. I am ashamed and also proud to say that I have fed my family in this manner in the last few days and the next post will show you the pure creativity that I have shown by being limited to not having a stove. Its been fun, but lord knows I need to be able to have it ASAP.

Here is the only picture of that nights efforts. (uploading is slow..sry I will update with the pic asap)

Until the next post, I hope you enjoyed reading about another night of chaos in the boho kitchen.


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