9/3/15 Carnitas in the Crock Pot

For dinner tonight I made Carnitas in the crock pot again. I used a pretty hefty package of chuck roast to cook. I am so thankful for even having a large package of meat to make in the freezer, I was trying to save one for the beginning of the month and I am glad that I managed to save it.

I put it into the crock pot at 10 am this morning, its about 3 pm now and it’s almost ready to pull apart, I think we are having a early good dinner tonight. I went out and had to buy some bulk chili seasonings to season the meat and some corn tortillas and limes.

It was not that much for those items; 3 limes for 50 cents, a large package of corn tortillas for 3.50 and the seasonings for 50 cents. I have plenty of seasonings leftover after seasoning the meat and I know we are not eating the whole package of tortillas tonight. We always seem to love snacking on them with butter anyways.

When the chuck roast was halfway cooking I added more seasonings. When it was fall apart ready at 4 pm I drained the grease and pulled the meat apart. It was still a little under seasoned so I added more chili seasonings, and a punch of salt, and that made it better. I set the crock pot on low until I was ready with the tortillas.

I heated up the tortillas one at a time in my large cast iron skillet and kept them warm in my #KitchenHack cake-pan warmer. I also cut a few limes for garnish. Dinner was really good and I had quite a few tacos. We have plenty for leftovers for lunch and maybe dinner tonight and its really easy to heat up the leftover because I left them in the crock pot container, I just covered it in the fridge.

Speaking of the crock pot lid, I just had a kitchen disaster then a miracle happen to me the other day. Disaster being that I broke my 1970 vintage crock pot lid, in the sink doing dishes. Miracle is that we went to the thrift store a week later and found the exact same one, in the kitchen section of the store for only a dollar! I was so happy, and that is the only reason that I was able to cook the Carnitas because I had my crock pot working!

Until next time in the boho kitchen, I am sorry that I do not have any photos of Carnitas but since my internet was down, I could not send or receive any.


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