8/29/15 Ribs and Rice

For dinner last night I made ribs and rice again. I have been making this a whole lot lately because it is one of my families favorite meals to eat. Its also really stress free and prep easy for me to make. I can prep the ribs the morning of or the night before and its just a matter of putting them into the oven for 3 hours before we have the best BBQ ribs ever.

I have already made a post on how to make these ribs in the oven, you can see it here:


The steps for making them is really easy, I was able to get other things done like cleaning the house and blogging done whist they were cooking. After 1 ½ hours I covered them with tinfoil so that they would not get dry. We had the best ribs we have had in a while last night, as they cooked all the way through, sorry mom, the time I made them when you were here, they were slightly underdone. But this time I made them great. The rub was lightly on, and I used a specialty Dijon mustard from Napa valley for the rub to stick. They turned out really good.

Here is a pic of them.

bbq ribs
bbq ribs


I also made some jasmine white Thai rice on the side in the rice cooker. I also steamed some frozen green beans and some fresh broccoli from the food bank in the oven while the ribs cooked. I loved the way the veggies steamed and the rice turned out great.

The best thing about last nights dinner, was I was able to lay down while my kitchen cooked it all for me. The oven ran for 3 hours, from 2-5 pm and about 4:30 I started the rice and the veggies. It was a stress free dinner and it was nutritious and yummy. I was pretty happy.

When I was laying down, my husband came in to ask if the ribs were cooking, and I said they have been cooking for a while now. He got so excited! We love slow cooked meat around here, so the more it cooks the better for us. Yesterday I even lowered the temperature of the bake time to 300 most of the time and it turned out great cooked Slow and Low. I loved it, we ended up eating both sides of the rack last night and we rarely do that, I guess it was really made well.

Yay for good food. Here are some pictures of dinner and my plate:


20150829_173743 (1)

my plate
my plate

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