8/27/15 Back to School Night

Last night we went to our first back to school night as new parents together. This experience of Elementary school all over again as a parent this time, is a really crazy experience. I swear that I am young enough to remember most of my elementary school experience, so its really surreal to be taking my own son to school now. The best part is that everything seems to be better the second time around.

I loved elementary school; I went to a school that went K-6 grade. My son is getting a much better experience then I did, this school is only Kindergarten through 2nd grade. I am really happy that he gets to go to a school without any much older kids, and full of cute little children to transition into the school system with.

Back to school night consisted of a Book Fair and classroom curriculum overview. I never realized that even kindergarten grade children have curriculum. They have what 1st graders used to have to do, kindergarten isn’t just playtime and naps anymore. I do certainly remember nap time at my kindergarten, we had mats. But my son doesn’t get to go through that. I feel bad about not ‘playing school’ now more with him at home, I never realized how much would be expected of him as soon as he entered the school system.

I expected to have a bit of transition between being at an institution, and learning how to learn. But Elijah did not get that transition time, I feel horrible about not getting him into daycare before school, because now he is learning how to behave and how to learn and retain information that he will need forever all at the same time. I feel bad. When he gets home everyday, his little brain and body is so tired, and now after last night I realize why. Its not all fun and games in kindergarten now.

Granted his teacher is awesome, she is trying to keep them learning while keeping it friendly and fun. Each day he is learning a new letter that corresponds with a ‘letter animal’ like “Andy Alligator”, and “Benny Bear.” He is even learning some nursery rhymes each day to learn how to rhyme. I am really happy for him, and excited. I am just nervous because I did not give him enough social training, nervous that I am not a good enough teacher at home; but that’s just mommy anxiety and I will probably have that for my whole life. I am so proud of him too, he is doing so well, and is learning so much so fast. He is growing up like a weed, and everyday is changing and learning how to be a better human, its crazy.

We got a book at the Book Fair, a Star Wars book. And his teacher told us everything they would be doing all year with a whole packet of things to take home. Being a mom, is crazy, and now seeing Elementary school through an adults perspective is pretty cool, I am so happy he is going to this school. We have learned how healthy the cafeteria is, and we have learned how great his teacher is, I am now satisfied that I got him into a GREAT school. It took a few days to get him used to going, but now I am feeling really ‘grown up’ and awesome to take and pick my son up from school each day. I better get used to this, cause school lasts a long while. This back to School night, marks a whole bunch of more to come, and in a great school district, so I am excited, and Elijah is too.


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