8/26/15 Flies, Fleas and Floods

Flies, Fleas, Roaches and Floods

I am not too sure if I want to even post this blog. I am really embarrassed to be low income. I know that I am smart when it comes to food shopping and EBT budgeting but low income problems suck. I think that certain bugs are low income problems; ie Flies, Fleas and Roaches. I do know that well endowed people get fleas sometimes also, but I am sure that they have the means to take care of them more.

I am a low income person with a dog that is very sensitive, the ‘sea flea’s’ as they call them around here; have been on a constant war with me since we moved downtown. I have never had this problem with my dog, until I got an apartment downtown Fort Bragg. I have to give him baths almost every day to rid them. I have tried numerous medications and even go sometimes to the Free Frontline applications here in town for low income dogs. I swear that I would not have to deal with this problem if I was not low income.

This past week has been the most horrifying and scary apartment problems that I have ever had to face. And thank god, most of the problems happened and were tackled whist Elijah Bean was at school.. thank god. We were sitting at home on Tuesday when all of a sudden our kitchen light starting flooding water out of our ceiling and into the kitchen floor. I panicked, and I screamed “What do I do”—pointing to the light pissing in my kitchen. I woke my husband up from a dead sleep nap on the couch and he hurt himself getting up. We got a bucket and ran for the manager. I guess a pipe burst in the apartment above us, and flooded the whole thing, filling the floor down to our ceiling. We filled 3 buckets before the water stopped dripping. Our ceiling started bubbling in many places.

We had to have the manager come in and he ripped open a bubble to get gushed on with water, from the flood. Later that night, after Elijah was asleep for the night, more of the ceiling bubbled in the kitchen and a whole different panel fell down from the ceiling.

some of the damage
some of the damage

At the same time as all this happening, my husband and I decided to combat all our ‘apartment problems’ at the same time and tackle the roaches, while Elijah was out for school we rid our house of a nest also in the kitchen, and are still having a bug person come check asap if we got it all, I have never had so many problems happen at the same time before, and I certainly have never dealt with these kinds of problems at all.

We rid the house of roaches, I dip the dog everyday for fleas, we are getting a new ceiling replaced in our kitchen and living room asap, and the sea flys are relentless on cool days. I have never realized the how many problems I would have just being low income. I always thought that it would be a blessing to know how to live without money, but now I realize people pay to live better, that’s what most money is spent on, living in better situations then low income people.

I may have problems in my little apartment boho kitchen but I am still able to bake and cook, in between leaks and floods I made pumpkin muffins. And everyday of this week I have had a nutritious dinner on the table, even for back to school night last night, I had leftovers on the table to eat before we left.

I guess life is all about resilience, and learning how to make the best of your situation. When Elijah got home the day the ceiling collapsed, he was leery at first and scared, but we explained to him that no one got hurt, and we are all still together and that’s all that counts. The roaches were taken care of all while he was away at school and I feel so good that he never had to see not one. I am grateful for the little things and the big things, like having my little family; but gosh darn those flies, fleas, roaches and floods.


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